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Festival Vibes and Good Times

My favorite time of the year (besides Christmas) is FINALLY here! Festival season is one of the best seasons of the year for so many reasons. Hearing live music, eating your weight in specialty food-(especially those amazing crawfish boats)-, drinking until your hearts content, and meeting adventurous people from all around the world brings out such a positive vibe! This festival season is especially awesome since I have my own store (a.k.a. closet) to dress myself and everyone else from! And because I am just oh-so excited about all the festivals coming up, I wanted to share some of my fave styles and must-haves!
Some of my go-to looks are simple but seriously so cute that a little piece of me jumps for joy every time someone wants me to dress them for festival. I have to say I am digging (is that even a cool word to use?) the maxi skirt and festival graphic tee look so much I may just wear it everyday. Grabbing a great maxi skirt for festival is a MUST. Skirts are breezy, comfortable, and lets be real, who likes to wear pants anyway? I'm loving mixing prints and fabrics together to make a statement. Take a floral maxi skirt (super girly), and then pair it back with a distressed or grunge style graphic tee. Mixing these styles creates that overall "festival feel" that everyone loves! 
I'm also obsessing over maxi dresses, floppy hats, and chunky necklaces for this festival season. Maxi dresses are ALWAYS a good idea because they are not only so comfortable but so easy and appropriate for ladies of all ages. AND, they're versatile! You can dress them up or down depending on your mood for the day. For festival I love a maxi with a big straw beach hat and then a choker for something extra-(yes, I'm always extra). I also love knotting up the bottom of my maxi dresses for two reasons: 1. I am always stepping on them because God blessed me with midget legs and 2. I want to show off my super cute sandals! This is an option not only for those vertically challenged like myself, but also for ladies who are tall and struggle with finding maxi dresses that are the "right" length. Simply tie a little knot at the bottom, pop your favorite accessories, and add a lace up sandal and you're practically screaming festival fashion!
Festival season gives us a reason to wear crop tops, cut-off shorts, gladiator sandals, and paint our faces until we can't recognize ourselves, and I honestly can't picture anything more awesome. I love venturing outside of my usual style box when it comes to festival because of it's overall 'adventurous' feel! I'm loving mixing delicate tops back with super distressed jeans or shorts, I think the mixing of textures and styles really creates a unique look. I especially love wearing my free people bralettes under my tops to give it that special feminine touch and while still feeling festive and comfortable.
No one can truly enjoy their crawfish nachos at festival while trying to juggle a drink, phone, keys, and anything else you need keep on hand; so in my opinion, a go to bag is a necessity when it comes to festival must-haves (and so are the crawfish nachos)! LUCKY YOU, all 3 locations just stocked up on festival accessories and we have a variety of backpacks, crossbody bags, and clutches perfect for carrying all your goodies while staying stylish!
Whether you are going to listen to the music and dance the night away, or just going to walk around and enjoy the festival atmosphere let us dress you for festival season this year! This weekend HeirLoom in Youngsville and HerringStone's in River Ranch will be having cocktails and treats before heading out to enjoy Festival de Acadian so come join us! (plus, checkout our giveaways going on below to win festival goodies!) We can't wait to help you get you festival ready!
Happy Festival season everyone!


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