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CHRISTmas and Coffee

Hello my lovely readers,

OH HOLY NIGHT it's almost Christmas! I know I'm not the only person who waits all year for this season of cold weather, overeating, and family time am I? This month has been a CRAZY one for numerous reasons. Both HerringStone's locations have been busy, busy, busy unloading all new merchandise and wrapping beautiful presents to go under our lovely customer's trees. With all of the hustle and bustle going on in the stores, I found myself slightly overwhelmed. When will I have enough time to Christmas shop? Did I merchandise all of the new arrivals correctly? What in the world do I get my mother?! ( I believe that may have been the most stressful task.) However, even with all the chaos I was able to remember something my parents have always told me and I tend to forget- HE is the reason for the season.

Now I'm sure we have all heard this phrase before. But...have you really taken this phrase to heart? I want you to take 5 seconds, (no more than that because I want you to keep reading the blog) and reflect on the past few weeks. If you're like me then you have thought of countless gift options to give loved ones, stressed yourself thin with thoughts of if so-and-so will like the gift you picked out, and if you have managed to keep any money in your bank account. All of these "stressful" times are honestly not what our minds should be consumed with during this holiday season. HE, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, is what our minds need to be on.

We are able to live our lives each and every day because of HIM. He has blessed us abundantly and continues to do so. He has blessed me by allowing HeirLoom by HerringStone's to become a reality. He has blessed me with an amazing family, awesome friends, and business partners that are so supportive and helpful. This Christmas season I have realized that no matter how many gifts I buy or put under the tree the greatest gift of all is being able to look around on Christmas morning (and every morning) and realize how blessed we truly are. The reason for the season is HIM. Stop being so stressed about what you're cooking Christmas eve and go hug your family and friends! Spread Christmas cheer like Buddy the Elf-(the best way to spread Christmas cheer if singing loud for all to hear!) Take the time to really appreciate your blessings and give God the glory because after all, HE is the reason for the season and we can't forget that!

Christmas is 7 days away and it's not too late to slow down and enjoy this holiday season. I have woken up every morning and enjoyed drinking my cup of coffee out of my Santa mug while still in my pajamas before heading off to work. Quiet times like that are when I am really able to rejoice in all of God's glory. Try it tomorrow and I guarantee your day will be made. If that doesn't make your day then take a drive out to Youngsville, La (if your in south Louisiana) and go see the progress of HeirLoom! It's got walls now ya'll! Ahhh talk about blessings! Cindy, Debbie,Hanna, myself, and all of the HerringStone's family want to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and one BLESSED new year!




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