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Hello again my lovelies,
Well, it's here. The end of summer has finally happened and I don't know if I should cry about it ending or scream with joy because our busy season is finally here?! Don't get me wrong, I love summer for the tan lines, beach trips and for the relaxing days where I can actually sleep in BUT, fall is MY SEASON! I may be jumping the gun a bit because, let's be honest, it won't be cold until January here in south Louisiana; but a girl can dream of her pumpkin spice lattes, oversized sweaters, and Hallmark Christmas movies. Just me? Well, ok then.
Anyway, the end of summer also means something VERY EXCITING is around the corner for ALL of our locations..(drum roll please)...HOMECOMING SEASON! Yes! It's here and already in FULL swing! HerringStone's Monroe, HerringStone's Lafayette, and even HeirLoom are all decked out with the absolute BEST homecoming suits and accessories AROUND! I'm so serious when I say we have, hands down, the BEST suits you could EVER imagine. I'm actually contemplating trying them all on for myself just to pretend to be back on homecoming court. We have everything you could possibly need when it comes to Homecoming. We are stocked with BEAUTIFUL dresses, parade outfits, presentation outfits, hats, jewelry, you name it we have it! 
We are thrilled for HeirLoom's first fall season and even more excited for HeirLoom's FIRST HOMECOMING SEASON. I am so unbelievably lucky to be partnered with Mrs. Debbie, Mrs. Cindy, and Hanna for this special season. I have watched them transform girl's dreams into a reality and even watched momma's cry as they see their beautiful daughter walk down the football field all decked out from head to toe in HerringStone's exclusive homecoming looks. I can't wait to experience that this year with HeirLoom and also continue to watch both HerringStone's locations SLAY the homecoming game, (seriously can't get over our suits and how amazing they are!)
Our SUPER TALENTED social media team, (shoutout to Falon and Cerene), have been working on launching our homecoming lookbook and when I say the pictures are STUNNING....I mean it. They have truly captured our ONE OF A KIND suits, the lavish details on the dresses, and most importantly put together looks that you will fall IN LOVE with this homecoming season. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to get an exclusive inside look at HerringStone's Homecoming 2017 lookbook!  Just scroll down to the bottom of the website – you'll see a box to enter in your email address.
Soooo with all that said, I have some other EXCITING NEWS for you all...
Join us this MONDAY, 8/14 at 7pm CST on Facebook for our exclusive live launch for Homecoming 2017! Yes ladies, this is a MUST WATCH live event to get a glimpse into our homecoming heaven. You don't want to miss out! We will be showing you some of our latest fall must haves + going over our very own personalized Homecoming suits along with the launch of our AMAZING LOOKBOOK. This year we took our suits to the NEXT LEVEL and helped design each one making them ONE OF A KIND! You won't be able to get these suits ANYWHERE else so watching our LIVE feed is in your best interest for sure! Hanna and I will be (awkwardly) going over all you need to know about our homecoming ventures and giving a glimpse into our fall styles. Seriously y'all need to TUNE IN if you want to see what we have up our sleeves!
The stores are ready for you! Whether you are looking for homecoming necessities or just wanting to prepare your wardrobe for the fall we have you covered. All three stores are fully staffed with the absolute BEST team you could imagine! Stop by at any of our locations and let our stylists create the perfect look for whatever occasion you need. As always, thanks for reading! Now hurry in to one of our locations nearest you and GO SHOP!  



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