Hot Dogs and Fireworks: 4th of July Ready

Hello lovelies
I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve written a post…well, it has been, ha! We have been so so SO busy with market trips, re-stocking the stores, and just business in general! HeirLoom by HerringStone's has officially been opened for 3 GLORIOUS months and my head is still spinning. I mean, it’s already July?! When did that happen?? I’ve seriously been so unbelievably blessed with support and love from the Youngsville community and all of our customers that have made the trek/ phone call to shop with us. Can I just give a BIG THANK YOU shout out real quick for all of the love ya’ll!
So, 3 months in business and here’s what I’ve realized as a co-owner of a boutique: 1.ALWAYS start your morning off with coffee and prayer. These are staples in my life and honestly would not have made it some days without these-seriously. 2. There are some days where dry shampoo, hats, and sneakers are suitable to work in. Lastly, 3. Find a career that never makes you complain about a Monday. Yes, it is true. Since my dream job landed in my lap I have not had to dread coming to work; and I mean that! When I’m gone I actually MISS my store. I’m also extremely lucky to have an amazing team of girls who love the store as much as I do so when I do have to leave, they keep it running smoothly-(shout out to our HerringStone’s and HeirLoom squad members).
I’ve been working a lot with Hanna, Debbie, and Cindy the past 3 months in order to learn more about the retail world. These ladies are ABSOLUTE MASTERS at this craft. Seriously, they are such a blessing because this whole experience has been SO EASY for me to transition into. Besides calling Hanna every day (more like every hour) to ask questions and keep my head on straight, she has shown me how to grow the business from the inside out all while staying true to yourself and God’s purpose. Mrs. Debbie and Mrs. Cindy have shared so many valuable lessons, so much advice, and taught me that hard work can always be rewarded with  margaritas and queso.
We’ve been able to attend markets in LA and Dallas so with the help of my amazing team we are SO ecstatic about the trends coming to all 3 stores. With this week being the weekend before the 4th of July , que the hotdogs and fireworks, we wanted to show you all some of our favorite looks and new arrivals to get you ready for fireworks and cookouts or whatever your 4th of July traditions are!
We were really feeling the ‘merica vibes so gingham print sets, skorts, and tops were a must! American flag swimwear, cut off shorts, blue chambray dresses, and easy breezy tanks are a must for the 4th of July weekend and summer in general! Our amazing marketing director and behind the scenes guru, Cerene, put together some amazing looks for our look book and we are slightly obsessing. If you haven’t visited seen it, go NOW and check out our 4th of July Lookbook- and you will not regret your decision.
If you still haven’t taken the time to come see HeirLoom, I’m here every day all day so come see me and tell me what you think! If you haven’t been to HerringStone’s Monroe or Lafayette in the past week, go now and grab some of these amazing looks for the weekend!
Psst....Also, HURRY IN because this Friday and Saturday ALL 3 LOCATIONS will be celebrating 3 stores, 3 days, 30% OFF STORE WIDE SALE!



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