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Life Here Lately

Hello, Hello, Hello to all of our beautiful followers!

1st and foremost, my APOLOGIES for not blogging the past month and filling you in on all of our store news and events. We have been SO BUSY with store meetings, markets, and just life in general! Anyone else?! I feel as though this past month f l e w by so fast I didn't even have time to blink! However, we have so much to fill you in on! So much excitement and happiness has been pulsing through our stores and we just couldn't be more excited!

Let's start with the BEST and BIGGEST announcement of all...(drum roll please)...HANNA IS EXPECTING A BEAUTIFUL BABY BOY-(screaming with excitement)-!! Beautiful baby Luke Lavergne will arrive to us in July and we CAN NOT WAIT! For those of you who are lucky enough to know Hanna and her fun-loving, cajun humored husband, Jarrad Lavergne, ya'll know how truly excited they are for this bouncing bundle of joy! As well as Hanna and Jarrad, the soon-to-be grandparents, Mr. Blake and Mrs. Debbie, are even more ecstatic. Honestly, we are all still freaking out because we can't wait to have a baby on board our team. Baby Luke is in store for tons of market trips, learning how to sell clothes as early as 6 weeks old, and of course, being the new face of all our social media posts. God has surely blessed us in tremendous ways but allowing Hanna to bring precious baby Luke into this world is by far the best blessing of all! 

Now, after finding out we were adding baby Luke to our team, we also added a semi-new addition to our HerringStone's and HeirLoom team. I'm so excited that Haley Herrington-Hanna's sister and Mrs. Debbie's youngest daughter, officially joined in our "squad" if you will. She had been living in Los Angeles the past 3 years working in the fashion industry but those good ole southern roots of hers couldn't contain themselves any longer. She made the trek back home this past summer and is now officially back in Louisiana and I'm lucky enough to call her my roomie, best friend, and now team member! Shout out to you Haley! Haley spent the last few years researching marketing strategies and working hand-in-hand with some of the best designers in the LA area so we are so exited she's on board with us. She will be focusing a lot on our social media outlets with an emphasis on blogging and learning the ins-and-outs of this crazy business. I'm (secretly) recruiting her to start blogging with me because together I feel like we can conquer the world when it comes to writing blogs and taking (hilarious yet sophisticated) lifestyle photos.

You will be seeing a lot more of mine and Haley's lives now that we live together, which could be pretty humorous so be sure to follow us on all of our social media accounts for a good time and lots of laughs.Thankfully, God allowed me to become an official home-owner this past month as well, so having my home to share with Haley and of course her whole family when they come down to visit is such a blessing. I'm a little bias, but between the decorating skills of my mother, Mrs. Debbie, Hanna, and Haley our house is the cutest home in all of Youngsville, Louisiana! I'll be sure and post some pictures to share with you all. 

Ok let me recap...we announced Baby Luke's arrival and officially welcomed Haley back into our HerringStone's family so now it's time to talk about our NEW SPRING ARRIVALS! Yes, yes, yes and even more yes to all of the new color trends, floral prints, and just change in season! HOLY MOLY I'm obsessing over our Spring Color Palette look-book as well. Go check it out at right NOW if you haven't looked at it. It's amazing and I seriously need every outfit featured. We are coming off of Mardi Gras and Valentines Day so now our focus is spring and let me just say, spring has SPRUNG at all 3 locations. We are stocked and have full quantities of endless goodies. Get out and come shop with us because you will fall in love with everything we have. I swear I'm making myself an entirely new spring wardrobe with these items because I'm OBSESSED

Ok, ok. I think I may have covered everything. Like I said, it's been a whirlwind of craziness here lately so I'm so glad I could finally sit down and let you all in on what's been going on. From new additions to families, new additions to business members, moving into new homes, and of course transitioning out of fall and into spring, our work loads have been loaded down. BUT! We are so unbelievably thankful we get to do what we love and have you all along side this crazy journey of life with us! Our supporters and followers are the reason we can pursue what we love and we can't thank you all enough! Be sure and stay tuned for more blogs to come (feat. Haley and myself attempting to be "blogger worthy") and also come shop with us either in stores or online! As always, we wish you the best day, week, month, year, and life! Love to all!



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