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My Oh My! Baby Luke arrived in July!

Hello to all of our amazing readers,

Wow, wow, wow where do I need to start? There is so much that has happened over the course of a month that I am just bursting to tell you all! All the events we had in June were absolutely amazing and made the month fly by. From National Ice Tea Weekend, to National Bring Your Dog to Work Day, we celebrated, and celebrated hard. However, the most celebrated event was the arrival of our PERFECT GIFT FROM GOD, BABY LUKE! 

Hanna and her husband Jarrad Lavergne welcomed a beautiful 8lb 7ounce 21inches long baby boy on July 6th at 12:49pm. He LITERALLY is perfect. We have fallen in love all over again and we are so thankful we have a healthy, happy momma and daddy! Hanna, Jarrad, Mrs. Debbie, and Mr. Blake, (and the entire family), have prayed so hard for baby Luke and we are all in shock that this little miracle is finally here. 

We can finally hold him, rock him, and see those beautiful blue eyes we've all been dying to see and it's the absolute best feeling in the world. Mr. Blake and Mrs. Debbie, or should I say "Muh and Big Poppi", are so proud of Hanna and Jarrad. They are ecstatic about being grandparents for the 1st time. Mrs. Cindy and her husband are also so proud of Hanna and Jarrad for becoming new parents and are so excited Luke is finally here! As far as Haley and I, well we are just a TAD OBSESSED with baby Luke. Haley is obsessed with being an aunt and cannot wait to shower precious Luke with lots of love and baby sneakers. I am also overfilled with love for Luke and even though I am not biologically related, I promised him that I will be the BEST "aunt" I can be! Now I'll stop typing so you can enjoy the beautiful pics of Luke and his family. 








With welcoming Luke into the world, our July has started off on an amazing note. We have a lot planned for this month and cannot wait to share everything with you all. We are RUSH READY at all locations. We will be showing off our latest and greatest rush looks this month, along with other great new arrivals as always. Our amazing team and photographers have been working super hard to get out all of our latest looks to you online and on our social media accounts so be sure and check them out! 

We have more fun things planned for the remainder of the month so if I were you, I would be SURE to pay close attention to our website + social media outlets (HINT, HINT). We will be planning a BIG July sale and of course we want you all to come by to say BUY, BUY,BUY JULY! That's all I'm saying for now so stay tuned!

From all of us here at HerringStone's and HeirLoom by HerringStone's, we cannot thank you enough for your continuous support. We now have the best addition to our family, baby Luke Lavergne, and we can't wait for you all to meet him! 




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