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Why Wearing White After Labor Day is OK!

Hello again to all of our amazing readers,

Wow. Life lately has been pretty CRAZY at all locations due to homecoming season + fall shopping. We have had one of the BUSIEST homecoming seasons yet and we are so pumped everyone is LOVING our suits and dresses as much as we are! With all the homecoming madness going on, I haven't had much time to sit down and write a blog but I'm finally relaxing with wine wine in hand, (of course), and ready to type. 

Fall is basically here, even though our weather disagrees with our season change. This means fall wardrobes are back in action. As I've stated before, fall is my favorite time of year. Cozy sweaters, knee-high boots, messy buns, and dark lip shades. AMEN! However, just because it is fall it does NOT mean we have to stop wearing white!

I firmly believe one of the biggest lies women have been told is that we can't wear white after Labor Day. Really? Who declared that rule of law? Not me! I am CERTAIN the fashion gods would agree that wearing white after Labor Day is OK. I treat white as a neutral in my wardrobe pairing. It breaks up dark or muted colors and gives you that classic pop. Audrey Hepburn, (my idol), believed white and black were staples for everyday outfits. AMEN SISTA! So, how can you wear white after Labor Day and not look like summer you ask? Let me tell you. 

A few simple rules to follow when you want to wear white after Labor Day:

1. Pop it in lightly- pair an oversized sweater with white jeans, booties, and a statement earring. BOOM! Successful pairing with white.

2. Instead of aiming for the traditional "white" you can always lean more towards an ivory or cream base.- cream sweaters, cream blouses, and even ivory trouser pants paired with fall tones really make a statement when you want to dress to impress

3. Lighten up your fall toned jackets and heavy coats with an amazing pair of white booties. This is a TREND ALERT! White booties speak to my soul and really make an outfit go from drab to fab real quick!

4. Most importantly- wear white and be confident in your outfit! Get that "you cannot wear white after Labor Day" stigma out of your head! Pop on your white boots and strut your stuff girl. Your confidence will shine and others will notice-watch and see! 















As you can see, I'm ALL ABOUT some white collections after Labor Day BUT there are a few ways to NOT wear white just simply because of the season change from summer to fall. For example, don't wear any form of white sandal, slide, heel, wedge. If you are wanting to wear white on your feet make sure it is a transitional shoe like a bootie. Preferably a closed toe shoe from now until about February is ideal. Anything open will give off that "summer" vibe which you don't want right now. Be careful pairing white denim jackets with outfits simply because a white denim jacket can scream S P R I N G - if worn correctly, can subtly hint fall. I would rock a white denim jacket with a dark blouse, dark skinny jean, and then a great mule boot. Lastly, your favorite pair of white shorts need to be put aside until spring. Instead of "not wearing white after Labor Day" I amend the statement to say, "do not wear white shorts after Labor Day." White shorts are great for spring and summer but since we are now entering fall, let's stick to the skinny jeans or flares. 

 With all of this being said, I hope you learned a little more about my tips and tricks for wearing white all year, even after Labor Day. As always, we are SO unbelievably thankful for your support and love! Come see us at any of our 3 locations and be sure to give us a follow on instagram and facebook- @herringstones and @heirloombyherringstones! 





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