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Tis The Season To Slay. Get ready to sleigh the holiday season with our Friendsmas Collection! These styles are your ticket to the best-dressed list at every Friendsmas soirée.

Our Friendsmas Collection is not just about celebrating the holidays; it's about making memories in style. You and your crew, clinking glasses and looking effortlessly chic in our statement pieces designed for the queens of merriment.

For the friend who adds a dash of charm to every celebration and the one who brings the laughter, our Friendsmas Collection is the perfect wardrobe companion.Tis The Season To Slay, it's a symphony of style that harmonizes with the warmth of the season and the laughter of cherished friendships.

The Boujie Belle Coat, CREAM

$ 88.00

Balloon Dream Sweater , IVORY

$ 72.00

Faith Metallic Skort

$ 68.00

Barcelona Tall Boot, OFF WHITE

$ 110.00

Dazzle Me Sequin Blouse, CHAMPAGNE

$ 72.00

HIDDEN: Happi Crop Flare w/ Step Hem, BLACK

$ 108.00

Fluffy Embrace Jacket, CREAM

$ 78.00

Slit Knit Kouture Dress, RED

$ 88.00

Square Rhinestone Necklace, GOLD

$ 38.00

Dazzle & Sleigh Button Down Top, BLACK

$ 78.00

Sleek Comfort Top, IVORY

$ 36.00