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Two sisters, Cindy Stone and Debbie Herrington, had a vision 27 years ago. They wanted to bring innovative style, with fashion forward and cutting edge merchandise to the women of the Twin City area while offering ‘one of a kind’ customer service. They created HerringStone’s as a niche for style, fashion, and excellent customer service. The sisters’ dream soon took off beyond the twin cities and HerringStone’s became THE boutique for fashion-forward women across north Louisiana. 
Following her Mother and Aunt’s footsteps, Hanna (Herrington) Lavergne, fulfilled their dream of a second HerringStone's location. After college, Hanna took a leap of faith and moved down south to Lafayette, Louisiana. With her passion for retail, she knew exactly what she wanted to do- bring a HerringStone's Boutique down south. Opening the doors to HerringStone's Lafayette just a little over 6 years ago, Hanna has brought her stylish and unique twist to the Cajun Country.

Cindy, Debbie, and Hanna travel together all over the country buying the latest looks and the right brands, keeping the boutique in the forefront of fashion. HerringStone’s is for the trendy yet classy women of the country. They offer styles for all ages from the junior high student, twenty and thirty something fashionista, to the updated mother, and sharp dressing grandmother.


Sixteen years ago, Cindy and Debbie noticed a void in the twin cities: girls having a need for HOMECOMING SUITS. Having once been on homecoming court themselves, the sisters understand the honor and excitement of being selected. With a passion for creating one of a kind, custom homecoming suits, Cindy and Debbie filled the city’s void and became the FIRST one-stop-shop specialty homecoming boutique.
HerringStone’s offers homecoming suits of all different styles, cuts, and colors, making it easy to shop and create unique suits for each young woman selected on homecoming court. Our highly trained staff at both locations has extensive experience and knowledge in styling that special homecoming suit so that each and every girl nominated stands out! HerringStone's covers all of your homecoming court necessities from homecoming suits, dresses, hats, jewelry, gloves, accessories, and shoes. Our inventory and expertise is immeasurable. HerringStone’s has been styling generations of homecoming court nominees across the south.
Let us help you create the look you dream of!
We hope you visit us at either location for any of your fashion needs!

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